Windows 10 “Fall Update” is reportedly coming in November

Windows 10 “Fall Update” is reportedly coming in November

Trusted Microsoft expert Paul Thurrott has revealed that a significant Windows 10 update, known by its codename ‘Threshold 2′, will be released in November as the Windows 10 “Fall Update”.

The update will be delivered through Windows Update like any other update, meaning it won’t require any user intervention to install, provided you have automatic updates enabled. It will be reportedly released as a cumulative update so that users don’t have to download an entire Windows 10 build.

Windows 10’s Fall Update won’t include a huge array of new features, but Thurrott does mention some interesting improvements we can expect. The Media Creation Tool will be completely overhauled in the Fall Update, Cortana will be updated with new features and support for new locales, and Edge will receive “various improvements” with the exception of add-ons.

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